The Siddha Yoga Meditation Centre in London

The Siddha Yoga Meditation Centre in London is open to people of all ages who wish to engage in the Siddha Yoga practices and teachings.

Regular satsangs are held every Tuesday, 7.30 – 9.00pm.

You can see a full timetable of upcoming events on the London Calendar.

Satsang Location

The Amadeus Centre
50 Shirland Road
Little Venice
W9 2JA

Disabled Access

If you require disabled access to the Centre, please phone the Amadeus on 020 7286 1686 in advance. You will need to arrive no later than 7.10pm.

Regular Programmes

There are no fees for any of the following:


Satsang means ‘keeping the company of the Truth’. Each month we explore a different theme through readings from books by Baba Muktananda and Gurumayi, talks on the teachings, and Siddha Yoga meditation students sharing their experiences of the practices in daily life. These programmes include chanting and meditation.


Namasankirtana, or repetition of the divine name in song, is one of the most powerful ways to turn the mind within. By chanting together we share a joyful practice that opens our hearts and quietens our minds. A period of meditation follows.

Shree Guru Gita

Shree Guru Gita is an ancient and beautiful hymn that honours the Guru and describes the Guru-disciple relationship.

Family Programmes

These programmes explore the practices and teachings of Siddha Yoga meditation with all age groups. Programmes include chanting, meditation and storytelling.

Seva — Selfless Service

On the Siddha Yoga path, seva is work performed as a pure offering without attachment to the results of one’s actions and without desire for personal gain. Seva is meditation in action. It teaches us how to perform our tasks so that all work becomes a means of connecting with the inner Self. Everyone is invited to participate in this ongoing practice.

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