Important Update

In support of recommendations by national and international public health organisations, satsangs in Siddha Yoga Meditation Centres and Chanting & Meditation Groups have been temporarily suspended due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

During this time, we can support each other and continue to move forward in our practices and study by visiting the Siddha Yoga path website, engaging with the study tools available on the website, and coming together via video/phone conferencing for Siddha Yoga Sadhana Circles.  If you would like to read the Siddha Yoga Sadhana Circle Guidelines, please contact a member of your Centre Steering Committee or your Chanting and Meditation Group host.

For information on how you can participate online in the monthly Siddha Yoga Meditation Sessions for 2020, please click the link here:

Siddha Yoga Meditation Sessions for 2020.

The Trustees of Siddha Yoga in the UK (SYD UK) will continue to monitor the recommendations of the government and health experts in order to determine when satsangs and other Siddha Yoga teaching events can safely resume in Siddha Yoga meditation centres, and chanting and meditation groups.

Please visit this site regularly for further updates.

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